37 degrees seafood to join the support of what

along with the improvement of people’s living standards, the demand for consumer products are also different, for the concept of eating dinner, many people are willing to choose healthy and delicious seafood products. The food and beverage industry, seafood is meet the eye everywhere, beyond count. The existence of natural demand determines the existence of the market, seafood to join entrepreneurs may also be a good project.

37 for more than 1 thousand and 800 days of seafood, to more than 700 kinds of ingredients, finally decided to choose cod stewed soup do soup mellow delicious, plus Weihai 37 degrees delicious seafood, Shandong high quality flour to make smooth noodles. 37 of the seafood, Seiko secret agents, poly three excellent material, fresh, fragrant lips and teeth, Yiyouweijin, carefully selected from 37 degrees north of Bohai Hua, Ling Yue, tender only this one domain.

China pasta culture had a long history, while the north and south of the different types of pasta, also have a unique style and taste, seafood is originated in the southern coastal areas, it has a unique taste, fresh delicious seafood, 37 degrees is small investment, low risk, high profit, income stability, suitable for long term business good project.

join support:

construction support: including store location, design, equipment installation and commissioning, operation, opening process, etc..

management support: for the franchisee to provide cashier system, order system, network supervision and management system, store operations support system, such as careful and rigorous professional training.

technical support: provide professional support from the new product research and development, production, equipment maintenance, equipment and products for practical training and other technical aspects.

publicity support: headquarters to provide website promotion, WeChat promotion, DM publicity. Marketing promotion plan through professional marketing team.

operation support: before and after the opening, the headquarters will continue to provide training support. Including brand promotion, store promotion, training and supervision, new product development, problem solving, logistics and distribution, store management, product production, performance promotion skills, marketing tools and gross margin control skills.