From 70 thousand to 80 million worth of debt female entrepreneurs to compose entrepreneurial legend

in the US, every day staged a wonderful story, then say the entrepreneur, is actually a very ordinary entrepreneurs, but in her body has a very extraordinary story.

hang by a thread.

2003, my boyfriend is now a husband, graduated from Jilin University to work in Dalian. He is also a rural family, we are fellow. Then, we rented a 10 square meters of the room, often eat a meal to hand count how many coins are enough the next meal, this situation continued until 2004, but we still have a happy day often hang by a thread, to give both sides the family debt.

the first hard work

2005, my boyfriend seconded to work in Dalian Development Zone Land Bureau, we moved in together development zone, I sat 2 hours to Dalian city. There’s no need to count the coins. But still have to pay the family, life is not a little savings, but fortunately we have been accustomed to the bitter days.

in the zone I found a large shopping mall has just found a new store, because it is just the development of stores so the rent is cheap. We decided to rent one for business. Because I am young, the girl is selling, so many customers are very fond of the store, but also really earned a little money.

later mall unilateral breach of contract, not to advertise new stores, we also received the rent. The passenger flow is less and less, no way to stay in business, my boyfriend and I will store the goods recommended at the weekend