How to open up innovative thinking

how can we open up innovative thinking? Do not need to do the same thinking, thoughtful people who are suitable for financial. Imaginative thinking ability, suitable for design. So, how can a person be able to open his mind? Please discuss with the small series.

to cheer up. I find that working in a team with no sense of security is probably the most frustrating thing, and even affects the performance of everyone in the team. Being a leader, it’s hard to avoid an occasional worry, but it’s hard to trust and communicate with you if you’re sending the most serious insecurity to your team. And the spirit of innovation will be frozen. So, what can you do? Training your leadership is a good choice. Think more often; ask your friends what you should do better; allow yourself to take some form of rational release of pressure. You know, being honest with yourself will benefit you a lot.

together influential people. Whenever I see new buildings, will always be the scene examine repeatedly to imagine the architects design. They not only consider the construction of internal situation, also focuses on the residents in this space in and out of the way, because they have a higher goal: the relation between people activities more easy. That’s what you do when you build a team. Whether in the capacity or point of view, different but influential people can often learn more from working partner, so you need to develop a similar relationship in a virtual space, to inspire the team members of their innovative thinking.

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