Since 13th Five-Year Wuhu constantly enrich the high-speed road network

recently, the Wuhu municipal government will fully open the construction of high-speed road network, to build their own traffic network, so that more people feel the convenience of the door, so that people feel the benefits of the highway. By 2020, the city’s total mileage will be extended from 191 km to the end of 12th Five-Year to 331 km.

according to the plan, "13th Five-Year" during the Wuhu city plans to invest 16 billion 410 million yuan, to the construction of the "two ring nine shot highway network. Including the construction of the Wuhu Yangtze River Highway Bridge, Chaohu Wuwei highway; highway, from Wuhu to Mount Huangshan Shanghai high speed to the west part of Wuwei Wu yue.

implementation of existing highway expansion project, including a high-speed two dam to Wu Lin head "four to eight" Wuxuan highway expansion project, "four to eight" expansion project, Ma Wu "four to eight" high speed expansion project etc.. In addition, the city will also upgrade the city entrance. Hefei Wuhu Expressway two dam interchange entrance, along the high-speed Eshan Road Interchange entrance; new construction Wu Ma high-speed Wuhu east entrance renovation project, along the high-speed Wuhu south entrance renovation project, Wuxuan highway engineering, Wuxuan Rokuro import and export import and export of airport engineering, Wuhu Yangtze River Highway Bridge in the Yangtze River Road entrance Engineering all in the transformation of the column.

According to the

launched in 13th Five-Year, Wuhu city will be in the future development of the cross river development form to the main core of development, at the same time to weave a high-speed road network, so that more people can feel the great advantage of the high-speed road, is expected to enhance economic strength.

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