What are the causes of Sakura Veronica sugar cakes popular

everyone has the heart of beauty, not only is that we love the beautiful people, beautiful scenery, can also refer to our love beautiful delicacy, can be done on the delicacy in the window so that we can see the presumably most attractive is the Cake Bakery. The cake made art store a huge market, for example, Sakura Veronica fondant cake.

"Sakura Veronica" is currently the largest sugar art cake chain, founded in September 2007, the headquarters operations center located in Guangzhou. From the Chinese founder led the New York famous team of technicians, to investment, Sugar Art cake will be popular in Europe and America for the first time to China. "Sakura Veronica" has brought a strong shock to the slow development of the field of Chinese cake, is committed to providing the Fondant Cake series of strong plasticity for consumers: birthday cake, wedding cake, cake, cake, gift party welfare cake, cake, cakes and other celebrations Sugar Art products.

why Sakura Veronica sugar cakes so popular? The main reasons are as follows:

is the most attractive part of the wedding cake than the wonderful taste and taste. Sakura Veronica Fondant Cake welcome by super star, there are a lot of star’s wedding! This cake is not an ordinary cream cake, in fact, this cake is called sugar cake, why do we choose this cake used in the wedding? There are two reasons:

first, wedding culture

is now a western style wedding is very popular, then the western wedding culture, there is a wedding cake.

multi layered sugar cake originated in early england. At that time, the popular with small cakes in the community to participate in the banquet, and the cake into a pile of hills, the purpose is to kiss a couple to the top part. As a symbol of their love can surmount difficulties, finally get the steadfast love and happiness. Up to now, the traditional wedding cakes are designed with multiple layers, and mainly white, representing a pure and beautiful. Put the cake on the head of the bride to the wedding break to enjoy a symbol of atmosphere to a climax, more may congratulate friends to share the happiness and joy to people. The symbolism continues to this day.

second, good shape, can be integrated into creative design

common use cream cake, not good shape, the design of great limitations and the sugar cake, excellent ductility of sugar can make every kind of style, to turn sugar as the main materials to replace the common cream cake, covered in the body, how to pinch how to hold, the key is than butter is stored for a long time, easy molding.