What are the ways to control the cost of a snack bar

open snack bar is a very good choice, because people are enthusiastic about the food. As long as you provide good products to attract a large number of customers. For franchisees, the problem is how to control costs? We all want to provide consumers with quality food, but also want to control the cost, so that they can make a profit, do you have a way?

A, buy, buy less frequently. Experienced chefs know the normal number of guests in their hotel. According to this point, what to do. How much raw material is purchased every day. When the business is particularly good, it should be more to buy a few times.

two, for some other reasons or due to seasonal effect and easily price of raw materials, you can choose those more resistant to storage on the cheap to buy some more in advance, but be sure to keep good.

three, some of the old customers often asked the shop to send two free dishes. In this case, can send two low cost and has certain characteristics of meat dishes collocation.

four, the menu should pay attention to "streamline". A chicken can do a few dishes, like a fish, there is no need to market the raw materials are listed.

five, the set menu, should pay attention to meat collocation. Individual dishes of the main and auxiliary materials should also pay attention to this topic. Sometimes more accessories but better taste.

seven, design the whole table set menu, should first think of those goods in the freezer. To put the stock with, can not let the raw materials into the freezer for a long time.

eight, the return of the purchase of raw materials to ensure the quality of. As with inferior charge or Quejinshaoliang case acceptance to refuse acceptance; early processing staff to be processed; chefs have the right side dishes.

nine, the inventory of goods to run out, to avoid long deterioration.

ten and the purchasing department should keep abreast of changes in the market information and prices, timely notify the chef or chef.

eleven, fixed assets and assets should be distinguished.

twelve, turnover and gross margin should be and the salaries of employees linked to encourage employees are involved in management.