Now that the poor quality of the environment in Fujian to create Forest Railway station

in our lives, although the economy has been rapid development, but with the environmental pollution problems, for our health caused a serious threat. Yesterday, reporters from the comprehensive management of Fuzhou train station area command was informed that the train station landscape renovation recently started, train stations around the permanent road, Station Road, will increase the formation of large trees, rows of City Boulevard; including the main square, VIP channel, bus hub station, etc., will be "forest" transformation. Before the national day next year, forest railway station will be unveiled.

Wing Road 5 row Avenue Station Road by flowering trees

comprehensive management of Fuzhou train station area command relevant responsible person said that the permanent transformation of road length of about 1.7 km, replanting trees, increase the amount of green space at the side of the. The new road on the north side of two rows of trees, on the south side of a row of trees, "the south wing will become the 5 row city boulevard." The official said.

it is understood that the original was poor for Mount Huangshan will be local replacement. And the sidewalk on the other side of the green belt, while retaining the original lawn, add a row of trees, including banyan Rong and Qiu Feng, camphor tree.

Wing Road Culvert will also be "beauty". Now the culvert wall for cement, after renovation, will install the grey granite wall, fire retardant paint paint ceiling, strip lighting, let the rich vitality of culvert.

Station Road will be appropriately reduced to increase the small lane width, 2.5 meters wide central reservation, adding 5 rows of large trees, forming 7 rows of city boulevard.

in accordance with the transformation program, in addition to the increase in the central road sub strip, the side of the belt will also increase the flowering trees, an increase in the location of the special selection of large trees. The official said, green edge will add a row of Ficus, Ficus religiosa, to replace the original poor growing camphor.

will increase by green flowers in the train station

train station, will also increase by green flowers. Both sides of the VIP channel is changed into a large area of green, and the entrance landscape is composed of a scenic wall, a small water area and a fountain.

responsible person, at present the main entrance of the waterscape greening cultivation is not delicate, the transformation will be increased by the increase of large trees, flowering, creating delicate green groups; both sides increased selection of Ficus microcarpa, original osmanthus selected Fujian Cherry Hill increase; increase in long and large camphor belly kapok, dotted with red maple.

is the color of the weak, flowering less bus hub station, will increase the local flowering large trees.

yesterday, the reporter found that the hub station two floor has put a big recommendation