A vicious bidding P2P net loan flow rob money marketing chaos four

fierce competition is the net loan platform war into intense showmanship, in the network marketing and promotion platform is full of tricks, and some unruly and even take a "rogue" platform competition means, such as the use of search engine for stealing competitor flow, hire network navy.

Direct side effects of

malicious competition leads to money marketing upgrades, only "keyword bidding" a part of the platform that is up to tens of millions of dollars each year. Insiders said that the current cost of passengers has been pushed up at least 10 times higher than it was three years ago.

is good at hype, know how to use the regulatory gray area of strong marketing platform, some emphasis on business development, robust operation of the P2P platform is often vulnerable. Insiders said that in order to get rid of bad money to expel good money dilemma, industry norms imminent.

rogue style competition: the use of search for the price of the rival traffic

"our traffic is being used by other companies to search engines for ‘robbery’." Talk about the marketing competition in the industry, Shenzhen, a net loan platform marketing director is not without complaint. In order to give reporters confirmed that the person also specifically with a number of key words related to the company, the China Securities Journal reporter saw, click on the go after the other is really the platform’s official website.

this encounter is not uncommon, Li Zhizhong, general manager of the 365 financial disclosure, the platform has been suffering from their own critical malicious bidding. In the search ‘365 finance’ appears to be another home P2P platform. Once a P2P platform website brand word by other platform to do malicious bidding, many of the platform. The investors are not familiar with, it is easy to be misled into a hostile bid, a platform on their own website, website traffic is very large."


, for example, the net loan home columnist for the east wind, "for example, you and I credit in the official website of the drainage channel, as long as you search for other platforms, such as all enrichment, Baidu will appear" everyone enrichment like, everyone enrichment it safe "title, the user clicks on the results page, jump to you’re my loan website." According to this reporter after the input, with the above said there is no difference.

Compared to

network "Navy" malicious bidding, the cost is low. It is understood that the network "Navy" the usual practice is to thread their own posts using a variety of vest, some soft, make some false original, a platform to increase the visibility and product sales.

"a lot of the platform will please" Navy ‘Irrigation in the high reputation of the third party forum, they start the vest with a different name, registration, and then to the various techniques to exaggerate the company propaganda or pull investors." Guangdong, a large P2P platform operations director revealed that the use of these stealth techniques, false means to Bo eyeball, increase the company’s exposure, and ultimately attract investors to invest.

rogue type of competition is not limited to the above two ways, Gould million Swiss anfuku double this table > CEO