Taobao train in 2015 to force the wireless Dial traffic search

March 24th news, the latest was informed that this morning, Ali mother held the third session of the martial arts conference, Wang Hua, general manager of Ali’s mother division revealed the new direction of the train in the year of 2015.

, according to Wang Hua introduction, in 2015, Taobao through train will force the wireless side, to give more high-quality wireless traffic. On the one hand will launch a dedicated wireless promotion tool, on the other hand will be a comprehensive upgrade of the wireless search, the train will launch a brand search, the brand can use the exact launch of the shuttle search.

Wang Hua said that marketing is undergoing disruptive change. Search marketing and purchasing procedures, only the data and interactive marketing 1, the global consumer is marketing data 2. As a platform to provide a variety of marketing services, Ali mother to do is open the 2 era of data marketing. In the future, CMO marketing director will be the first responsibility of the Customer First (customer first) under the digital economy.

figure for the general manager of Ali’s mother Wang Hua (extraordinary)

it is understood that the train is a search bidding model, the bidding result cannot be displayed on the YAHOO search engine and Taobao online by the pictures and text form, influence factors of train weight include display, click, click feedback and conversion etc.. Through train is an important model to promote the survival of small and medium brand amoy.