The swine flu attack line under the e-commerce market opportunity again

2003 SARS struck, on behalf of e-commerce Alibaba, has created a "miracle", and now again the global spread of swine flu, the electronic commerce the miracle appear again? According to a set of data released by Alipay show that the recent Guangdong online trading volume amplification. All the signs indicate that the electronic commerce will become milepost of universal blessing in disguise, the.

as the H1N1 swine flu outbreak, countries around the world have taken strict control measures, the effect of flu began to spread to the economic level, it is generally believed that the H1N1 influenza outbreak to the global economic recovery prospects clouded. However, from the largest independent third party payment monitoring data platform of Alipay company, e-commerce market has gained supernormal growth, show super immunity to the outbreak of electronic commerce.

is known as the second WHO SARS influenza a H1N1 influenza has spread to the world’s 21 countries, Hongkong has confirmed cases, near the Guangdong area has also been suspected cases. At present, all walks of life have been affected to varying degrees, people have to go out, business activities tend to freezing point, the traditional business model is obviously in a very unfavorable position.

although there is no statistical data on the destruction of the domestic market caused by the outbreak of the flu, but the network economy has unexpectedly obtained more opportunities for development. E-commerce users and trading activity accounted for the domestic leading position in Guangdong, for example, nearly three weeks a substantial increase in the amount of online transactions, showing a growing trend.


Guangdong Alipay daily turnover growth figure

can through the monitoring of Guangdong province Alipay transactions data, eliminating the influence of the holiday from April 20th to April 23rd in Guangdong area, the average daily trading volume is 120 million, while the average daily trading volume in April 27th to 30, the amplification of 220 million, before and after two weeks the average daily trade volume grew more than 85%.


Guangdong Alipay daily single turnover growth of

at the same time, during this period a single transaction volume also showed growth trend. The flu outbreak a week before the single transaction amounted to 310 yuan, and within a week after the single transaction volume grew 90%, reaching 590 yuan. The first day of the May Day holiday single transaction amount is exceeded 630 yuan.


due to trade with small transactions, the data changes more keenly reflects consumer preference. Through the analysis can also be found by Internet trade, shopping, entertainment and other work, but also led to the vigorous development of the "home economy", this can be from the Alipay trading volume amplification remarkable.

e-commerce expert Lv Bowang said, although