Group purchase market growth does not reduce O2O into the deep water area

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O2O (Online To Offline, online / offline Online to Offline)) perhaps for many users are not familiar with, the daily consumption of group purchase initial form of O2O have been popular for many years, but a huge market for Internet integration with traditional industries, the development of O2O remains a very rapid pace.

recently, buy navigation website group 800 on the release of the June 2015 China buy market statistics report, the first half of the group market was summarized. According to Baidu’s second quarter earnings report also showed that Baidu’s O2O business to expand the electricity supplier in the transaction is also achieved rapid growth. In the case of the O2O model to buy to maintain growth, O2O is also moving deeper into a wider range of traditional areas.

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from the first food and beverage industry, the field of life services, further expand to the beauty industry, health industry, O2O has entered into the deep water area, from simple to complex traditional industries, traditional industries, penetration, this step change, make the most of the traditional industry quickly embrace the internet.

turnover in the first half to buy a high turnover of

in the first half of 2015, domestic group purchase industry showed rapid growth, according to the group purchase navigation site 800 issued the "June 2015 Chinese group purchase market statistics report" shows that the first half of this year the group purchase total turnover reached 76 billion 940 million yuan, 74 billion 750 million yuan over the overall turnover of 2014, single turnover has maintained positive growth for 5 months in June, the monthly turnover is high innovation group purchase, reached 16 billion 740 million yuan, growth of 1 billion 400 million yuan, an increase of 9.1%, the number of 250 million passengers, 17 million 630 thousand passengers a growth rate of 7.6%.

according to Baidu released the second quarter ended June 30, 2015 unaudited financial report, Baidu’s total revenue of 16 billion 575 million yuan, an increase of 38.3% compared to 2014, which accounted for 50% of mobile revenue in the first quarter. At the same time, Baidu Nuomi, and Baidu takeaway where the total transactions amounted to 40 billion 500 million yuan, representing an increase of 109%.

it is worth noting that the first half of the food and beverage related to buy and takeaway service to become the largest user service. According to the group 800 continuous data statistics, the first half of 2015, the national food and beverage group turnover was $48 billion 340 million, an increase of $31 billion 680 million, after a full year of sales performance in 2014. According to the report of the development of online takeaway market in the first quarter Analysys released the first quarter of 2015, the Internet Chinese white-collar takeaway food market segments orders amounted to 50 million, accounting for the overall market share of 28.5%. According to the latest data hungry it shows that its market day turnover exceeded 30 million in the past 4 >