will soon officially merged off beauty, is the Tencent good plan

learned from a number of channels, and said the United States will soon be formally merged. With a bit faster, Ctrip where the case is similar, the merger is likely to convertible + cash.

another similarity is that, although the argument is a merger, but it is the essence of’s annexation of beauty. It is reported that the United States after the merger said Xu Yirong CEO and part of the team will leave, incumbent CEO will serve as the new company CEO.

so far, and the two beautiful since the "Taobao shopping guide" era has been pulled out of the contrast of quarrelsome lovers, finally ushered in the end. Just as in the shopping guide, the trend of the electricity supplier, sea Amoy App emerge in an endless stream today, and beauty but also to repeat yesterday after the merger, the dream of


1, merged beauty said, and how much hidden behind


compared to Taobao blocked when and beauty, said the situation is actually not as good as the original two. According to public information sources such as IT orange, and beautiful peak valuation has reached more than $2 billion, but when the "Taobao" concept of failure, surrounded by beautiful said that after the completion of the final round of the capital investment of billions of dollars, there is no movement. Even in 2012 won the Tencent to invest tens of millions of dollars, and WeChat entrance, but beauty still seems unable to make improvements.’s situation is relatively good, in November of this year, announced the completion of the D round of $200 million financing. Published in the list of 36Kr,’s valuation is also more beautiful than that, reaching nearly 11 billion yuan, more than the beautiful said that the 6 billion yuan.

from internal sources said, although the completion of the merger of beauty, but it is already not the internal beauty as the biggest competitor and the underlying object. WeChat and hand Q entrance transformation does not talk about, basically no eggs, insiders such an evaluation.

from the valuation point of view, the United States said it was already on the eve of the crash, while is still difficult to move forward. But the two brands still have high value in the capital market, the capital market by the leading merger of beautiful said, June, the Xu Yirong out, a logical thing.

2, behind the Tencent’s good plan, through the beautiful said shares of

Taobao has not blocked, beautiful said Tencent in cooperation with the two talked about capital, and ultimately choose beauty. At that time, the concept of the two shopping guide App is Taobao shopping guide, surrounded by Taobao, and now look back, which is ultimately a funny thing, how ants can surround the elephant?

Spring Festival in 2014, according to WeChat said the beautiful open entrance, ready for the PR manuscript describes Xu Yirong with the team in overtime during the spring festival scene, but the reality is until August of that year, WeChat was said to the beautiful open folded in the wallet below the entrance, press the >