Blog marketing how to choose the appropriate title brings 50000 traffic

often see people on the Internet blog, accidentally saw an article "how to use her 100 yuan in two days to earn 6000 yuan", and then look into the feeling, the entrepreneurial story is very good-looking, very enlightening. At the end of the article, the author mentions the heroine again in the next time some 3 million – if you want to know what, and listen to the next time decomposition. I had to leave a message at the end of the article, so she hastened to write the following story. After a few days, the sequel finally came out, the title is 100 yuan to earn 6000 yuan a day of 2 yuan – Jane’s and 3 million months. Two articles are well written, but a long time passed, the click rate is very low, very few people see.

I told the author on the QQ, the entrepreneurial story is very good, if more people see, will give more people to inspire. I think you have the title of the article, for an attractive point of the title, perhaps the site editor to see, put your article recommended out, so your article will have more people to see.

the author said, "good idea, but what’s the title?"

I thought for a moment, said, two articles synthesis, called "female college students start empty-handed earn 3 million a year".

the author says, well, use this title.

so the author use the title in the "business advisory forum", published second days, this article is website editor recommended on the blog page, click on the two or three day rate to 50000, the message reached more than and 350.

author jubilant to me good news.

I made a point in a few days ago in an article, is the blog marketing and marketing forum together, but to the blog based positions, forum for assistance, is to do everything possible to put into popularity in the forum to the blog, because you are advertising your blog without you the product advertising forum, the Forum of the people want to know your product, you must put love go to the forum people to your blog. So, if the author pay attention to such a problem, it should be in her published in the forum this year. The female students start empty-handed earn 3 million "behind the hyperlink of a blog, the forum’s popularity to blog. Since we love you this article, probably also want to look at your other articles, see you in other articles, you will be able to see your article show you real I have a relatively familiar, then you know the products, so as to achieve the purpose of blog marketing.

a lot of people, their articles are well written, but did not cause the necessary attention, the important reason is that the title is too dull. The so-called dull remarks died over, the title is more up to the eye, with vigour and vitality, the quality of the articles in a second. Of course, the title should be consistent with the content at the same time, do not wind horse, and that is to deceive everyone, the result is counterproductive. So >