WeChat public platform point like marketing

with the rising amount of users of WeChat users and huge, now various corporations and businesses have opened a WeChat public platform, hoping to use the public platform to form the best and cheapest marketing tools. Yes, if we have our own business WeChat public platform has enough attention to the user, it is bound to form a better conversion. So how to quickly gather early users

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propaganda way, such as X display, brochures, leaflets and join the two-dimensional code, can get interested or scan the potential consumer groups, business enterprises are subscription number, usually will push some preferential information. We use the WeChat process, see some interesting content will share the circle of friends, friends can see WeChat comments and "like", so, don’t know the enterprises have not found the icon of this small, it is our marketing point. That is, I would like to share the point of marketing, are the actual operation of the WeChat online case.

case 1 (Cinema)

has a forthcoming film, hoping to get a greater degree of concern, by forwarding the content of the relevant activities to the circle of friends, get 5 WeChat friends praise, you can get a ticket for the premiere. Prior to the theater only through the WeChat public platform to send to employees, employees spread, to share the circle of friends, friends…… Good friend.

(only show me the number of WeChat friends point like)

case two (communications digital)

a communications figure, I hope to gather a lot of attention in the short term WeChat public platform users, combined with their own products. The contents are as follows:

attention through the digital communications shop WeChat public platform, send small gifts (paper), forwarding content to a circle of friends, get the number of points like. Over 10 likes to send mobile phone film, over 30 likes to send mobile power, over 50 likes to send 4M Unicom broadband.

(only show me the number of WeChat friends point like)

is just an employee to spread, share to the circle of friends, friends…… Good friend.

two cases, before the operation, are fully prepared. Special arrangements for personnel at the WeChat platform to provide advisory services, the preparation of activities and gifts, and after receiving the award. If there is a need to arrange for all the users to come to the store, please make the order and ensure the quantity of gifts. Otherwise it will cause unnecessary trouble.

There are many

industry case here for more than, in fact, is through gifts, get attention. We do not want people not to participate in the enthusiasm is very high, very fast propagation process. In the process of such activities in the dissemination of corporate business brand to get good attention.

Everyone can draw

. Combined with their own conditions to launch marketing. Point of praise is just an interactive form, the next is to consider how to retain these