Double 11 surge in sales behind 5 million of the brush out of 2 million

Yangcheng Evening News reporter combing found in the Tmall double 11 sales miracle behind —

35 billion

"double 11" sales revenue doubled net daily sales thirty million: do not lose money for

Tmall "double 11" to create the miracle of the sale of 35 billion, in addition to underwear and how much water? Business day to sell the 30 million, but really make money?

yesterday, a number of businesses are Yangcheng Evening News reporter lamented that Tmall is increasingly difficult to do business. A clothing business blew 5 million sales in at least 2 million is out of the brush brush. The high cost of promotion and intense competition, many businesses are losing money earned shouted. Even businesses that single day of the year sales revenue compared to last year more than doubled, but do not lose money "profit is good".

Yangcheng Evening News reporter Shuai Pengkun

data filling water: 5 million of the 2 million is the brush out of the

Although Tmall

this year to punish false trading behavior, but it is still difficult to avoid scalping behavior. Yesterday, Guangzhou, a clothing company insiders told Yangcheng Evening News reporter Xiao Li, this year’s double 11 day sales of $5 million of their own companies at least 2 million of the brush out.

Xiao Li in Guangzhou, Panyu, a clothing company to work, before the big companies to prepare two programs, a set of formal sales plan, the other is for the internal staff of a single brush program. The company provides that all employees to play the role of buyers during the double 11, according to the level of duty to the company shop contribution of $two thousand to $eight thousand in sales, the company will return the money to employees. Xiao Li said, the reason why a single brush, because Taobao is in accordance with the commodity sales ranking, only the sales of goods and brush up, the popularity of store traffic to go up ", otherwise it will drown in the thousands of thousands of shop". Eventually, her company achieved a double 11 sales target of over 5 million. According to her estimates, at least 2 million of them are internal staff brush out.

Yangcheng Evening News reporter learned that the shop brush empty single phenomenon in the double 11 period is very common. On the day of the news, participate in the promotion of the businessmen, there are a number of shops on suspicion of cheating and scalping is off the shelf to shop closed shop, including M9, partysu flagship store, the friends of chi clothing franchise stores, flagship store, special beautiful pretty good shoe shop, Bollywood international fashion flagship store, rosierarles flagship store etc.. Buyers shopping money, the seller then send false courier, buyers will eventually sign and evaluation, the operation process is not the same as the normal purchase, it is difficult to be found. And a large number of brushes for Tmall 35 billion yuan sales in the end how much water has become a question.

profit dilemma: one day to sell 30 million just do not lose money

single brush of more concern is that a large number of businesses use the "double 11" hard up the sales income, but difficult to make.