The cat and dog super white and more sustained loudspeaker thermalization

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Jingdong supermarket executives, Jingdong mall consumer goods division president Feng Yi


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as the leading, two areas and China electricity industry recently, a subsidiary of Alibaba and Jingdong Tmall supermarket supermarket spark constantly, even the external sound time node has also been listed as both a hotly contested spot, and each category has become more important suppliers of resources both personal melee weapons.

30, Tmall announced the launch of the 9· in Shanghai, Tmall global wine festival in, open up a Unicom global wine origin of the online silk road". In the afternoon, Jingdong also voice the media, said it would join forces to set up a number of wine quality alliance, to build 10 annual sales of $1 billion wine brand. 31, the Jingdong once again to the Tmall propaganda, said will become super absolute first in three years, so that both sides of the increasingly intense competition.


super cat shouted again

August 31st, Jingdong supermarket again to Tmall propaganda, said that less than three years to become free online and offline Chinese field of super absolute first, and for the first time the "absolute first" goal to give a clear definition: first, the market share of the first sales and customer satisfaction first.

Jingdong, the Jingdong responsible for the supermarket mall consumer products division president Feng Yi said that after the upgrade of the Jingdong will cooperate with the supermarket shop No. 1, WAL-MART and Yonghui and other strategic partners together to create a FMCG retail ecological system linkage online and offline. In Feng Yi view, the online supermarket and offline supermarket due to the different shopping patterns lead to the brand, goods, marketing segments occur, so the two are not replaced, but the collaborative relationship.

at present, the Jingdong has through investment, strategic cooperation and other forms to draw Shop No. 1, WAL-MART, Yong Hui, new dada and other online and offline strategic partner, according to Jingdong sources, WAL-MART’s flagship store and Sam’s club are soon settled in Jingdong, Jingdong supermarket users bring more rich imported products.

At the same time

cats and dogs "sword" fight for every inch of land

in fact, in the past two months, the two sides have been repeatedly taking a dialogue, but with the "double eleven" is approaching, both sides fight more intense. In August 30th, the two sides at the same time in the wine field outside sound, Tmall said, from September 1st onwards, Tmall and Tmall in the world, consumers will be able to taste from 50 countries over 100 thousand wines, among them, there are more than 30 countries and regions Wine 1000 features highly characteristic liquor for the first time to enter the market China.

Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong said that the Internet has become the consensus of various industries, the use of the Internet, big data tools for the reconstruction of various sectors of the industry is taking place. Today, the global wine industry is also facing significant opportunities for the internet.

at the same time, the Jingdong yesterday announced the supermarket with Moutai, Wuliangye.