Alibaba 2015 B2B layout to introduce more overseas sources

– 15 January 16, the Alibaba B2B annual summit and the 1688 Yishangkuaiyou annual meeting held in Hangzhou, the Alibaba Group Senior Vice President Ali Wu Minzhi, Dean of Gao Hongbing, National Development Research Institute of Peking University professor Xue Zhaofeng to the guests B2B the opportunities and challenges of a prospective share.

as a leader in the domestic B class electronic business platform, Alibaba’s can be said to be the industry benchmark. In the wholesale and procurement business as the core of the, has covered the raw materials, industrial products, clothing, department stores, Home Furnishing commodity 16 industry categories, from raw material procurement, production and processing, wholesale and a series of service supply.

1688 in 2014 from the quality of supply, O2O mode, wireless business and friends of the chamber of Commerce and other aspects of a bold breakthrough and innovation. The wholesale business side, through the rapid ordering, scouring the factory of these new business products, began a new expansion of the B2B trading model – futures trading and supply chain integration. For example, in December last year the "Flexible Supply Chain Summit", attracted the starry, aka ciao, Qiao, Rong beauty, wake up many Tmall, Taobao Park line merchants and large number of lines of clothing sellers, help businesses integrate resources through a variety of small, to achieve "mode, small batch and multi frequency, good quality demands. At the end of the procurement, such as China Railway Group, Chinese chemical group, Shenhua China (quotes, interrogation) and other traditional enterprises through 1688 promoting electronic commerce, accelerate the pace of upgrading the industry vertical. Upstream and downstream of the industrial chain of production enterprises and service units online efficient cooperation, online integration of mining and sales, improve the response efficiency of the supply chain.

senior vice president of Alibaba, B2B business group president Wu Minzhi also revealed the key layout of in 2015. In addition to explore more suitable for class B electricity supplier trading patterns and scenarios, the focus will be in the mobile terminal force, and the introduction of more overseas sources. In addition, measures will focus on the integrity of the system also introduced a series of supporting small and medium-sized enterprises, in addition to open Alipay secured transactions, will use online user data, cloud computing and data integrity rules so that information into a so valuable to the small and medium-sized enterprise assets, to generate a series of "credit reputation". Then, the high credit rating of small and medium-sized enterprises, the most honest buyers will get more attention, and even be able to get 1688 guarantees endorsement, get lower the threshold of the loan financing service, buyers can enjoy the split period rich right.