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e-commerce has become the biggest beneficiaries of the Internet economy, more and more the peers are also beginning to enter the field of electronic commerce, make this area become the "single plank bridge thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers" of the situation, the electricity supplier cake is also known by many points and eat, more and more enterprises to enter this field is very popular, the competition is also the electronic commerce is very fierce, affecting many areas, become the driving economic new Flashpoint, electricity market has become saturated, more and more enterprises begin to fall, the unknown region to enter the Internet business, and actively seize the cake business, it seems that the pharmaceutical business will probably be the last piece of cake business development.

pharmaceutical electricity supplier explosive growth of

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pharmaceutical industry by the Internet is relatively late, in 2011 began to appear in the form of online pharmacies, Internet pharmacies become the main driving force of medical Internet, pharmaceutical industry get explosive growth, with the help of the Internet platform in 2013, China’s online pharmacy sales volume of about 4 billion 200 million yuan, up 2 compared to 2012 times, and is expected in 2014, China’s pharmaceutical business transactions will reach 6 billion 800 million yuan. Thus, although the pharmaceutical industry is to enter the Internet industry relatively late, but its development speed is more than other industries, the Internet and the rapid development of the market and the Internet has become a blank boost the rapid development of pharmaceutical electricity supplier, now Alipay began to enter the online hospital and pharmaceutical industry, Jingdong and other major brands the online mall began to launch the pharmaceutical sector, the major electricity suppliers are mustering strength for internet medical electricity supplier, which has become a new opportunity to promote the development of pharmaceutical electricity supplier.

pharmaceutical electricity supplier development restrictions

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pharmaceutical business electricity supplier development but in the process of development of the bright younger generation, and pharmaceutical electricity supplier also inevitably restricted, it is also an important factor in the pharmaceutical business Internet started late, the medicine itself is a kind of professional and authoritative industry is very strong, in the industry of home China more restrictions. Government regulatory policy is relatively severe, for prescription drugs and non prescription drugs on the clear division, the electricity supplier in the field for those involved in the sale of prescription and non prescription drugs must strictly abide by the law, and for the genuine drugs are suitable for monitoring the effectiveness of health care products to be effective note, these have become an important limitation of the development of pharmaceutical electricity supplier, 58 media advertising alliance marketing manager believes that medicine for Supervision of the industry has become the biggest constraint factor in the development of the pharmaceutical industry, however, with the prevalence of Internet medicine, the Internet will become the new regulation of the Internet of medical topics.

pharmaceutical brand building

the pharmaceutical business has become the driving economic development of the Internet at the end of a big power, the mining industry is very important for the Internet, the Internet business in the lack of effective brand building, Alipay and hospital as well as medical.