Biography Groupon acquisition in China will be completed in December

number of group purchase site responsible person recently said that the group purchase "originator" Groupon acquisitions in China or the results will be announced on December, but the parties for the acquisition of objects is not a.

handle network CEO Wu Bo said that the company had talks with Groupon for several days, but had not reached cooperation, because both sides refused to give up a controlling stake. But now the problem has been solved, we want to retain more now (equity), "Wu Bo said, the two sides are still in the purchase price and equity stake in discussions" about December will give the final result".

however, during the interview, Wu Bo did not make it clear whether it will become the ultimate goal of Groupon acquisition in china.

and handle network is different, after another more positive group buying site F group is considering giving up the cooperation.

F group management on Friday (12 days) held internal meetings, discussions with Groupon cooperation, CEO Lin Ning did not disclose the details of the meeting, but said "we may not end up with their cooperation (Groupon)".

Lin Ning said that the key differences between F group and Groupon also focus on the stake, he argues that the F group is currently in the early start, "now give control too early"; in addition, the price and the management is also more or less affect the company’s management decision.

In an interview with

lin ning mysteriously said, "it (the controlling stake) is a common problem, a lot of ideas like us", he believes that "the last acquisitions and we now focused on several possible are not the same, perhaps is a new web site, and there may also be website cooperation". But he said the answer will be opened in a month. (end)