What is the value of the operation if the growth of the Commission is due to a reduction in the remu

OK, I admit that this sentence is a copy, but I think it is very suitable to describe the theme of this article, we all know, recently due to the fierce competition experience station, most experience station to tempt Wangzhuan bloggers and webmaster of this piece of resources, because it can be said there is no Wangzhuan blogger no, the webmaster support, these personal experience did not open stand up, looked fine recent success experience which station dare say he does not rely on the Wangzhuan blogger support up to


want to draw the Wangzhuan owners this piece of resources, it is necessary to give generous rewards, because Wangzhuan bloggers Wangzhuan owners only ran incentives to reward less operation, certainly not dry ah, this time to experience another way to think of the station, in order to win over the crowd to help his master Wangzhuan Bo Long promotion, will the recommended reward increased to fifty percent sixty percent, what does this mean? Yes, means that can earn money inside line more than half of the revenue, but also means that the line of income than the original income is less than half.

we can clearly see that experience in the alliance station, connected to the advertising to the site directly reduced by 3 – 10 times, is the price in the League answered the advertisement in the value of 5 yuan, to do the task in the hands of only 0.5 yuan, it is not too pit, to tell the truth, I look at this cruel website owners, I want to curse.

may see some Adsense blogger I this article doesn’t agree, you might say, the webmaster experience should make money, Wangzhuan blogger or Webmaster Help Experience station promotion but also to make money, but the owners of the Commission in thirty percent – sixty percent, and then to the novice hand but only a few cents, experience more than half of the station the operator at least to earn alliance price, it’s hard to


you can see any experience advertising experience section of the station, advertising is only a few, even a novice finish can only earn a few dollars, but these tasks can only be done once, the operator can also be interpreted as the advertising experience is not the main direction of profit, but I want to say, since it is not the main profit why do we have such a hard direction? Since it is not the main profit direction, why not put the resources to Blogger


as can be imagined, Wangzhuan increasingly difficult to walk the road, most of the reason is because the main task and the main site is too cruel, cause the task to price the lower the pressure, then no one will go to the operation, even if you finally all Wangzhuan webmasters and bloggers together with the promotion, and it can do? Every blogger is in its own interests, together, with the promotion of seemingly impossible things.

is another aspect of society with the growth of consumption, advertising price, but value is decreased, since that is the case, what is the value of the operation? Novice not to earn money, you experience who make money operator and Wangzhuan Adsense? So I think it should be a problem we should ponder.

is not just an ad experience website