Losing money earned shouted fresh electricity to get rid of the fatal injuries

2016, fresh electricity is Rainbow Night. Young dish Jun collapse, love fresh bee massive layoffs, delicious 77, fruit food to help close the door……


trillion market space people are still very optimistic about the fresh and the middle class gradually rising number, but on the other hand, all kinds of large financing also failed to save the once seemingly perfect business model is very smooth fresh business venture.

A group of data of

agricultural fresh electricity supplier development forum China shows that in nearly 4000 of the electricity supplier of agricultural products, only 1% to 7% profit, there are huge losses, 88% losses, 4% unchanged, which means that the 95% are losing money earned crying.

is clearly a blue ocean, but why the frequent loss? We come to sum up:


blind burn.

the current situation, many enterprises have embarked on the price competition of the old, fresh electricity suppliers are in order to get more traffic, it will launch a series of marketing subsidies, offensive, but this did not dare to put down the price to sell consumers "cool", do behind the need to rely on large capital hard hit, no one can support play.

two. Cold chain problem

when it comes to quality problems, we have to talk about the cold chain logistics, which has been called the international logistics industry in the field of Mount Qomolangma strip. Fresh industry there is a saying, called "from the fresh, stop in the cold chain, is still in the fresh electricity supplier is widely applied in the" ice cold chain "is obviously not true of cold chain transport, but the high cost of cold chain distribution has become the most pressing heavy weight fresh profits.

In addition to

, the lack of features is also a big problem. Internet connections, everyone wants to use the Internet to all-round development, so a large number of fresh business enterprise what are sold, the lack of features, plus the front said the price war, it makes it difficult for consumers to develop brand awareness.

in fact, it is not difficult to find, behind the death of a variety of fresh electricity supplier, the root lies in the difficulty of fresh electricity supplier itself: fresh product itself, as well as high cost of distribution, cold chain logistics costs high.

with ALI investment easy fruit fresh, I bought the food network, Baidu investment Tencent investment daily and fresh, fresh electricity market has become another field for BAT.

fresh products with high frequency, just need to feature, is the best Internet portal, its low permeability indicates that this area is still a blue ocean. Trillions of fresh market, electricity supplier model must be pluralistic coexistence, there is no absolute good and bad.

is sure to fight into a fresh electricity supplier, gold is definitely yes, just get the price is definitely not low.

but the strategy is not without, such as:

giants can play the whole category, you can build cold chain >