nventory of China’s nternet retail 2010 remember not toss

for many people to sell digital products and household appliances based Newegg appears a little "bandit" feeling. Recruitment in the Campus Ambassador, held in the area of preferential activities, all subtle. "The end of the year the audience 3 fold, back over 99 yuan freight", use Baidu Search Newegg, in addition to these "discount" ads, almost no other news. In fact, from inception to now, backed by the US Internet retail giant Newegg Chinese Newegg, has been in an almost "primitive" way kaijiangtuotu like this; for a long time people feel "too grassroots". However, when you suddenly find around a lot of "white-collar" people when using the new eggs, you wake up: maybe it should be done on the Internet retail.

China’s Internet retailing has become a climate, it is a fact. China’s Internet retail will enter a period of intense competition, this should also be a fact. The coming stormin; in the face of competition, a lot of Internet retail sites has been eager for a fight situation began to smoke, to. Some Internet retail sites, after many years now there has been a huge keep going by painstaking effort, turnover, even has attracted investment points, cash flow "big hands". The total money to "fight" the temptation; moreover, facing the increasingly fierce competition, nothing can never. However, in any case, hold the essence of the Internet retail, remember not to toss, it should be the Internet retailers really deal with the strategy.


belongs to the market, but the unified management of operating. Therefore, Taobao’s biggest problem is the integrity of the problem. The Alibaba actually know this, so it took a lot of effort; but in my opinion, Taobao’s advantage is chaos, all kinds of map to relief; the disadvantages are also chaotic, you will see the eye uneven in quality, Amoy, Amoy, Amoy, Amoy Amoy that…… Like one of its ads does it. All tidy, uniform price is a genuine, Amoy what ah. This is the fate of Taobao, but also the birth of a decision on the role of positioning. Xiushui Street had a heavy traffic business is booming, hard to reach results, standardized and orderly, but the original kind of popularity did not, the business will light. This is the lesson.

Dangdang started selling books. New book discount as the first appeal. Choose a book to the bookstore, then to Dangdang list, booklovers invariably behavior patterns become. Dangdang is doing department stores, but its deep-rooted online bookstore image to become a department store, but also a long way to go. More importantly, the types of department stores are not rich enough, but also a fatal problem. Also, it has been the presence of the rental department store sales model, so that the rapid growth in department store sales, but also let the consumer experience how much discount. I had to go to the bookstore, I advise you go back and buy a pressure cooker; the results show that the invoice stub sold me this stuff, otherwise, things in such a mess, you said I would often do? >