Bean fruit gourmet completed $25 million C round of financing or test the water electricity supplier

lead: beans fruit delicacy CEO Wang Yuxiang, beans fruit have already begun to explore new delicacy commercialization, completed the "commercial network layout recipe + community + e-commerce".


November 18th business news, online sharing community delicacy beans fruit delicacy announced the completion of $25 million C round of financing, by Hillhouse capital and clean capital lead investor, financing beans fruit after the completion of the valuation of about 300 million dollars. According to reports, the round of financing will be mainly due to: first, the development of new products; two is the recruitment; the market is the promotion of the three.

bean fruit gourmet insiders said: bean fruit community is completely UGC mode, all recipes are user upload, the menu quality is high, has its own unique advantages. User groups are mainly urban white-collar women.

beans fruit delicacy CEO Wang Yuxiang once said: beans fruit as a starting point to why delicacy recipe is right, the Japanese have a recipe website Cookpad, now in Japan IPO, market capitalization of $4 to $500 million, which has three main business models: one is the value-added services, 500 thousand to 150 thousand is food spectrum. Pay is two recipes; Cookpad has a lot of kitchen advertising, some sales and delicacy related products; three is the farm.

The standard

Cookpad of Japan, there can be a lot of beans fruit delicacy business model and imagination. At present, the beans have been testing the water supplier electricity supplier, the introduction of flash purchase mode, not long ago in the platform to sell seafood noodles, a total of one hundred copies, when used ten minutes to sell out.

beans fruit delicacy was founded in January 2008, is the first discovery, sharing, interactive community communication has become the domestic delicacy, as well as the leading global Chinese delicacy community, has completed the first round of financing round of financing, financing of tens of millions of dollars, the grand capital; the second round of financing amount of $8 million financing, the investor is Jiyuan capital. Up to now, the number of users to download up to 75 million.