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the Internet into the second half behind (Tencent technology plan)

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on January 11th

Chinese Internet industry has undergone profound changes in the past 1 years, with the growth of Internet users is reduced to only 11%, PC no longer increases the Internet time, in addition to video advertising, B2C, wireless, most of the industry into the stable and even slow growth stage. On the other hand, the mobile Internet wave blowing, as a subversive force, let PC giant panic. The giants generally have a worry: the Internet is behind the law, if not seize the opportunity would be in a position to rest on our laurels.

domestic Internet companies into the era of change. Just yesterday, the Alibaba group announced a change in cultural organization, was founded in 13 years the most difficult, the group’s existing business structure and organization will be adjusted, the establishment of the 25 division, the original Taobao, Tmall, Alibaba B2B architecture is completely broken up.

this is the third giants in the past 1 months to adjust. Just the day before, the development of Jingdong "grow" strategy, not only the internal structure reconstruction, also hope that 2013 will be accumulated over the past ten years to thoroughly solve the problem from the system, process, source. Earlier, sina is not only the end of portal sales and content of the dispute, more clear "mobile first" core strategy, in the portal plate to the COO Du full charge, sina CEO Cao Guowei will spend more energy to manage micro-blog plate.

these internet giants undoubtedly mentioned the impact of the new era of mobile Internet on their own business. Cao Guowei said that around the mobile Internet products and model innovation and iteration is rapidly changing the pattern of Internet competition. Sina originally extended from the PC to the mobile business architecture as well as the organizational structure of the line is difficult to adapt to the mobile market competition.

Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong will be defined as the future of the mobile Internet, the mobile Internet is not publicly stressed that supplement the Internet but subversion, will be the future of all Jingdong, the background of the architecture to the application layer, the middle layer, all in all, will the direction toward moving direction, are to meet the future mobile strategy.

said one Internet gangster even in internal speech, in 2012 the whole industry has undergone tremendous changes, that is the wave of the mobile Internet rujierzhi, even much more severe than expected, before doing a lot of preparation was upset the rhythm, have to quickly adjust. Currently all Internet companies are now facing such a situation: in the past ten years Chinese Internet demographic dividend has been finished, the next stage of play is different, need to do a big adjustment from the management.

Chinese Internet has entered the second half, into the next stage of the game. >