Netrose sued hundreds of pirated website claims 5 million

news in May 17th following the grand literature formally sued Baidu, Shanda literature’s famous female literature website Hongxiutianxiang will also recently to launch large-scale activism, concentrated hundreds of pirate websites sued, claims a total amount of up to 5 million.

although public opinion is generally optimistic about the prospects of the development of the network literature market, but the formation of the trend of the development of the network piracy network elbow network literature industry has become the industry consensus. According to statistics, there are currently about more than 100 thousand large piracy sites, small and medium piracy sites have hundreds of thousands. The annual market size of piracy in the 40-60 billion yuan, while the size of the legitimate market is only 200 million yuan.

it is reported that as early as 2009 netrose on the formation of the corresponding human rights lawyer team, increase the overall professional rights of personnel, forensics, litigation and other aspects of the investment, through nearly a year of investigation and evidence collection work has been fully prepared. Hongxiutianxiang "Wenxuan Ge" piracy case has filed a lawsuit to Hefei City Intermediate People’s court, and the trial on June 10, 2010.