Valuation of $2 billion, programmers social network GitHub financing $200 million

, according to Bloomberg, has 8 million users of social networking site GitHub programmer is a new round of financing, the total size of $200 million, valued at about $2 billion. Currently, GitHub did not respond to the financing.

since its inception, GitHub has become a programmer to share code, seek help will go to one of the sites. The website is developing rapidly, and some Silicon Valley companies will ask them to provide their own personal information on GitHub in the process of recruiting programmers, so that HR can see their true technical level.

2012, GitHub from the famous Silicon Valley venture capital Andreessen Horowitz was the first round of financing $100 million after the company headquarters in the replication of the Oval Office built by the president of the United states. It is reported that the current round of investment led by Andreessen Horowitz.