Daily topic Baidu acquisition PPS video website to complete the pattern of subversion

station network (www.admin5.com) May 8th news, Baidu’s acquisition of PPS, and the Iqiyi’s integration, China Internet video industry revival. In May 7th, Baidu announced a $370 million acquisition of PPS video services to all of the shares, and merge with the Iqiyi PPS video service. Baidu said the business after the merger, the whole platform, user scale, time to achieve the industry’s first, Iqiyi will become the largest Internet video platform Chinese.

PPS equity all exit

according to the plan, PPS video business and Iqiyi within 30 days to get through. PPS founder Zhang Hongyu in charge of technology products in the new company, Xu Weifeng is responsible for the income and innovative business. It is worth noting that, PPS shareholders and another founder ray exit.

this is reminiscent of Youku Tudou, just one year, including potatoes founder Wang Wei (micro-blog), a large number of senior staff turnover, potato brand seriously weakened, PPS will become the next


in this regard, Gong Yu pointed out that the client with the characteristics of "is not the same, the client user loyalty is relatively high, the use of Iqiyi APP and PPS APP user loyalty is very high, but the overlap is very low, PPS is now the mobile terminal market leader, Iqiyi three. Two clients will coexist, the most important thing is to gain more market share.

Gong Yu said, Iqiyi and PPS centered integration, both sides are nearly 1000, overlap rate of only 10%, a small amount of personnel adjustment is inevitable, but no large-scale layoffs may exist. At present, PPS shareholders have all quit, turn this page, the new company has been preparing for the new team enough pool of options, to provide a new team and the company after the merger of the excellent staff.

video pattern subversion

rumored Baidu PPS acquisition case finally settled. This is also following the acquisition of potatoes Youku since last March, the video industry’s second acquisition. Baidu’s acquisition of PPS should be the biggest impact Youku potatoes, before the video industry has always been the status of the boss seems to have a considerable number of competitors. The "super strong" situation immediately becomes the "two kingdoms" situation! It is reported that the Sohu is considering the acquisition of PPTV. Another rumor said that the two sides are still bargaining seesaw, but cooperation object has been locked to each other. After the completion of the acquisition, the Sohu "video +PPTV" to + Youku potatoes, "Baidu +PPS" a situation of tripartite confrontation.

industry analysts pointed out that Iqiyi and PPS itself is the main domestic network video service providers in different areas in the video industry respectively occupy the dominant position, each with different types and characteristics of video users, the positive effect of the complementary merger is likely to exceed Youku and potatoes at the time of the merger, which either on the PC side >