March CN domain number of 11 million 670 thousand compared with the downward trend in February eased

renamed China ( April 23rd hearing, according to the latest data released by CNNIC, March 2015 CN, domain name registration, a total of 11678026, from January 2015 to March the growth trend of the domain name can be seen, compared with 76031 in February than in January to reduce the number in March than in February reduced by 14403, showing a declining trend but the decline has eased.


statistics from the CN domain pie chart shows that the data can be seen, the proportion of.CN domain name is 78.2%, in all domain names registered in the first place, a total of 9135894, compared with last month, a decrease of 1%. Accounted for the proportion of domain name, there are 1504814, accounting for the total of 12.9%, compared with the previous month increased by 0.6%. Then domain name, to 5.3% of the proportion of the top third, unchanged from last month, there are 613716.


The rest of the

domain accounted for the total number of 3.6%, 423602, at the bottom of the domain name only 74.