The constructive complaints of 1288 nets sponsor and friends hide

money is not shipped, the website does not open, the person in charge of telephone hotlines, web site posts for sale. Yesterday, Ms. Ruan Jiaqi, Hanyang, Hanyang five complaints from the industry and commerce, said he was "" buy network cheated. And on the Baidu input 1288 buy, ranked in the home page is a lot of questions about it as a liar website posts.

users build group complaints 1288 website

June 8th, Ruan Jiaqi spent 89 yuan on the site to buy a pair of shoes, by Alipay to complete the payment. She sent a screenshot can see the success of the transaction, but she did not receive the goods.

a netizen posting said, we have a total of nearly more than 1 thousand people bought things there, the total amount of more than 60 thousand yuan." In the 1288 victims group (group number 112133411), we are talking about the most is the "1288" website has been a refund, but simply can not mention now. Contact "1288" customer service QQ, has been no one online, online message system also has no answer to the question, the founder of the site Huang Weiyu 1314*88129 mobile phone is directly transferred to the secretariat.

yesterday morning, the reporter login 1288 website, the website can not be opened, only a "1288" statement: "1288 related personnel required to immediately stop the personal privacy, human flesh search……"

on the Internet, the reporter also found a sale of 1288 buy network posts, Posts left contact for Mr. Huang, mailbox [email protected], QQ number 64815976". The reporter added, but refused.

Alipay: the judiciary report

users through the Alipay payment, why did not receive the goods, money was put out? Yesterday, reporters call the Alipay customer service phone number for 22921 customer service told reporters, "1288" network in May 13th this year, and Alipay signed a contract, but "1288" is the choice of real-time arrival mode.

customer service said, Alipay currently has two transaction modes, one is through Taobao platform transactions secured transaction mode, the other is a real-time arrival mode external business. "The immediate arrival when there is a page to remind," the immediate arrival, the transaction amount of payment directly to the other account, OK? ‘"he explained that the immediate arrival mode of Alipay like a POS machine, the consumer online shopping to buy things like credit card at the mall. The process will record, but not by Alipay protection. If the consumer is deceived, Alipay does not have permission to request their refund. Consumers can only contact the seller, refund or report to the judiciary."

when a reporter to understand the "1288" signed with Alipay’s name and other information, customer service said to disclose.