Daily conversation to sell Baidu Sogou rumors to bid for Tencent 360

station network (www.admin5.com) May 9th news, investment industry sources, the Sohu’s Sogou is seeking to sell at present, Baidu, 360, Tencent in the bid, including 360 for the most active, but Baidu bid higher, the negotiations are underway.

according to Sogou earnings data, the first quarter of this year, revenue grew 73% to $39 million, while Sogou 11 consecutive quarter compound growth rate of 23.4%, but it seems to grow more joy in wireless terminal. Sogou input method for mobile phone data indicate that the number of monthly active users in January for the first time in 100 million, by the end of March 31st has reached 123 million users, an increase of 34% over the fourth quarter of last year, only about 10 of the one million level club members.

for this achievement Sogou why to sell itself? "Sogou has encountered a bottleneck in the development, can not be sustained in the market share of Baidu, 360 of the two camps under the pressure of growth, about half a year ago has the intention to sell." The sources said that the 360 bid of about $1 billion 400 million, a cash and stock exchange transaction, Baidu cash is more abundant, can come up with more cash, the Tencent join because they do not want to be with 360 sogou.

according to CNZZ data, in April 2013 Baidu search engine market share of 67.21%, the search ranked second, the market share of 14.94%, Sogou ranked in the market share of 9.15%, the number of up to 360. Once the 360 successful bid for Sogou, the market share will exceed 1/4, and over 360 secure browser, Sogou browser two search promotion channel.

credibility of the message, Wang Xiaochuan wrote in micro-blog: do not fly. Then pass on Baidu, 3bat a table mahjong together."

in the last half year, China Internet entered the intensive period: gezonglianheng Alibaba shares of sina micro-blog, Baidu acquisition of PPS video services to consolidate Iqiyi, UC, High German be bid object. Sogou favorite strategic investors are about to surface.

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