Celebrate your CyberFair 114 site navigation officially open free download

the old K just from the well-known Chinese 114 (http://s.114la.com) official learned that, in order to celebrate the first Expo network transactions from June 26th to 28 held in Shenzhen (http://s.net.isc.org.cn) officially opened, after 114 days of hard team production and testing early officially to the station to provide everyone highly anticipated 114 site navigation source, to wish the first fair a complete success.

114 site navigation was founded in January 15, 2007, the purpose is to provide a wonderful practical web site for users to reduce people’s memory complex domain problems; with the increase of user demand, the user needs to provide all kinds of Internet services, currently in the domestic well-known site navigation station forefront.


open source 114. They hope to share the spirit conveyed to the service users interested in the webmaster friends, hoping to get good navigation service to let more people through them; at the same time, hoping to engage in program development friends can provide valuable opinions, hoping to take this opportunity to invite the strength of the programmer to join their team. Later they will continue to improve the user experience as the basis, to provide convenient online help for the majority of Internet users, so we need to click a mouse you can easily surf the Internet, sharing the fastest and most convenient web surfing experience.

114 site navigation v1.110 version features:

uses the Php+Mysql structure, simple structure, stable and safe operation of the integrated program 114 site navigation of the latest database, included the control site of high quality total visible link 99% background, owners can customize arbitrary station using XHTML+CSS design, conforms to the W3C standard key station HTML static page generation, multi user management can be completely separated from the database to run powerful function. Site maintenance may appoint a clear classification of humanity more security groups, can customize the classification link, outside the chain, more in line with the SEO standard station link can be set on-line time, time expired, color customization, blank, website note, convenient advertising needs to provide the Standard Version, Widescreen Edition, a variety of styles of skin, weather forecast etc. provide personalized function station website search, browsing records and other functions, combined with the 114 collection included site Folder folder integrates 115 aggregation search, Baidu, Google and other engine entrance, a full range of search experience system security settings: security verification, system load control, CC protection settings, IP ban…… The risk of nip in the bud site for integration query, user feedback and other procedures, easy to understand the needs of users, help to improve the user experience, perfect database management, on-line database backup and recovery, optimization and repair log management comprehensive management background: security log, MYSQL, PHP error log, easy to program control and operation record.