Daily topic Google Reader close who will be replaced

webmaster network (www.admin5.com) July 2nd news, Google is regarded as the first social networking site RSS (simple information aggregation) subscription service Google Reader, yesterday will officially withdraw from the stage of history. Google announced the closure of the spring of this year, it means that the end of the traditional RSS product line path, as well as focusing on the choice of social reading applications such as Google+.

RSS is a format for the latest web site output message list. The use of Google Reader and other RSS tools to subscribe, you can not open the site in the case of the page directly read the contents of the output to the RSS, such as the latest blog, news, etc., but also filter out the ad. October 2005, Reader based on the RSS source to provide a formal Google on the line, which is Google to provide users with a free RSS tool.

but in 2011 launched a social networking Google+, Google made a decision: the integration of its social networks, challenge Facebook. In order to develop the Google+ platform, Google Google Reader and other platforms, such as: friends, attention, sharing and other social functions. Public data shows, Google Reader during the peak of the number of users has not reached hundreds of millions, this can be counted as "niche applications in Google many applications". Then, in 2012, Google announced the closure of for Feeds Adsense, Google Reader in Google completely decline.

Google Reader, the former product manager at Quora answered questions about the Reader shutdown, resulting in Google Reader was shut down the main reason is Google Plus. This is not an unexpected answer, from Google to share the Reader function forced to Google Plus, a lot of people know that this day will come sooner or later.

Google’s withdrawal from the dead has long RSS reading market instantly revitalized, dozens of companies back to the once hot field, snatch Google "leftovers". With the closure of Reader Google, this field to try something new will be gradually released, such as independent RSS reading tool Feedly began offering more graphical experience to the user, another RSS reading tool Newsblur begins to provide a learning system to the user, the user can recommend to the content of interest. Digg is also one of the typical representatives, when Google announced that it will close Google Reader, the development of alternative Digg Reader has become the highest priority of the work of Digg. Although Digg has only two front-end engineers, two backend engineers, and a mobile engineer,