Panda burning incense manufacturers released after the release of the software company

is a panda burning incense virus maker, one is the use of panda to burn the profits.

today, the two men abandoned from poison ", also came together to do an Internet company.

this is Li Jun, "fellow sufferers" and Zhang shun. They are young and inexperienced, now also bid farewell to the hacker career, found shelter in the landscape around Zhejiang in Lishui, with two people based in Zhejiang tensan network company started in the shanshan.

released six months, has its own company

often floating in rivers and lakes, which do not have a knife…… I’m 4 years old. This is the poison king Li Jun’s famous saying.

return to the way of Li Jun, after his release in January this year, the problem of employment, but also a few days out of prison, Li Jun with friends in Beijing, want to borrow "Panda" in the name of a big company’s appreciation, so as to get a satisfactory job. However, when the "Panda" annoyed Kingsoft, rising, Qihoo, Jiangmin and other large companies, and no one really to accept this folk "poisonous king". A few days on the job experience, only in exchange for a private "safety observer" certificate.

Since then, Li Jun disappeared in the


at this juncture, when the giant panda by selling the virus Zhang Shun, pulled him back. In Zhejiang Lishui, a boss took a fancy to Li Jun and Zhang Shun, introduced by his contribution, the establishment of a network company, gave Li Jun and Zhang Shun business, the company registered capital of 5 million, two people do not need to pay a penny, the boss gave them each 15% stake. The boss said that he did not understand the computer, but do not understand the network, the company specifically how to do, how to manage the development, all by two people say. In this case, after the Spring Festival, Li Jun came to Lishui, began to plan their own company. In this way, the two year by the virus all-powerful figure, now has become the boss of the company.

I do not have a degree, to work hard for others, it is better to work for themselves. Li Jun, who is only 28 years old.

two former cellmate, this shadow

Zhejiang Lishui New District, a new building, Li Jun and Zhang Shun’s company is located on the two floor. The company is now very small, a total of only 8, 9 guns". The office, the bedroom, the kitchen and the conference room are all on the ground floor. This small company, there are two ceos. A total of Lee, a total zhang.

"you, who is big or small?"

"as big."

"who owns the company?"

"we’re all consulting."


company started, but has three business. One is the production of QQ games, the other is the enterprise class software firewall two. The boss said, just a few months, a few pen business, the money has been put into the recycling. A year later, the company will definitely have the earth shaking changes.