Rescue group survivors of the hunger game

China to buy the industry card finally to wash, the game finally played to the last pass.

has been the largest buy site handle network founder Wu Bo investors overhead, resigned from the post of CEO, investors began to control part of the department. Wu Bo character soft, in the financing process, the right to speak is gradually weakened." A person close to the handle revealed.

at the beginning of August, F Group officially merged with friends, the new company named "net world", the original F group CEO lin ning Ren new company CEO. According to insiders, Tencent, Tencent led this merger. Tencent invested in F group, and GroupOn and Yunfeng fund together to participate in the establishment of joint greatly high, F group and high friend on the Tencent is the integration of the group purchase group purchase resources, QQ will also be integrated into the new company after the merger.

is clearly the capital side of the push, because for the buy site, is 1+1< 2." Hu Chen, founder of the group 800 evaluation. Indeed, there is news that both retain only part of the sale of 4 of the city, leaving the number of employees less than 100 people (the peak reached 3000), Gaopeng huge technology, administrative, financial and other departments also have large-scale layoffs.

last year invested large-scale expansion, group purchase website promotion hustle no longer, Ge You was invited as a brand ambassador to carry out the advertising war handle network in first-tier cities subway, bus station, TV media, now stop advertising. Put all the stops, the online shopping mentioned the most important place, these things together to do the end is that in the local life service has fallen out of the top three." Hu Chen said.

handle is the best reflection of the case of China’s group buying industry, three rounds of financing more than 160 million U.S. dollars, was once the country’s largest buy site. Rely on capital crazy expansion, the use of publicity to quickly get the consumer, in an attempt to do a large-scale IPO. At the end of last year after the start of the IPO handle failure, the drawbacks of barbaric growth began to expose, investors began to complain and intervene in the management, leading to the founder of the outgoing.


according to the group 800 data, China is currently less than the number of group buying site, last year there were 5000, less than a year on the elimination of the players in the 40%. Analysys analyst Chen Shousong believes that after two years of competition, resources gradually acquired in a few hands, market concentration will be further enhanced, the future can survive only 1 to 2.

"after the tragic out live website will gradually pick up right back, the gross profit will gradually lift. And gradually master a large number of user databases, precipitation can reflect the value of." A survey of the industry to buy the industry said.

is now the key is how to survive.

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