Chongqing CN domain name 60 thousand fell half mad by speculators to abandon the exit station

recently, Mr. Li, a member of the public in Chongqing, while surfing the Internet to visit a friend at the end of last year launched a personal photography site, however, after entering the domain name has been unable to visit. What’s the matter? Mr. Lee made a call to a friend that originally, according to the prescription, released last year Chinese Internet Network Information Center CNNIC, all the CN domain name to the real name authentication registration, domain name of the site will be closed or.

According to the latest statistics released by CNNIC this month, in Chongqing, the number of CN domain names has dropped from 126 thousand in January this year to only the current number of 64 thousand.

personal website automatically exit

at the end of last year, with the introduction of the CNNIC on the further strengthening of the domain name registration information audit notice, once claimed to prohibit individuals holding.CN domain name, IT controversy four. Subsequently, the CNNIC requires that the domain name holder be organized as an individual or an illegal person, and the contact person’s identity certificate and effective contact information shall be submitted. At the beginning of this year, in Chongqing, many of the founders of personal websites began holding identity cards and other information formalities. However, according to the reporter learned from the CNNIC, at present, the number of Chongqing CN domain name has dropped from the beginning of the 126 thousand to the current 64 thousand, a decline of nearly half!

"as we create these ziyuzile small sites, taking into account the program might have more to go for the record, you will not bother to record, originally the site does not make money is asking for trouble." Once used CN domain name website to do a personal site of the information of the public, Mr. Nie told reporters yesterday, his website was not to improve the information and was closed.


domain name speculators to abandon the CN domain name

CN domain name of the number of such a large amount of violence, it is impossible to simply exit the site." I CN domain name registration agents Zhijia technology general manager Li Binhong told reporters yesterday, the CN domain name speculators, is an important force in the domain name.CN "proportion of the total number of 64.7% to 80% from the trend.

Li Binhong said that the domain name speculators mainly concentrated in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen area, their hands are at least tens of thousands of domain names, many hundreds of thousands of domain names. In Chongqing, the domain name speculators group is small, each of them holds the domain size usually have hundreds of.

"a paper CN domain rules make these speculators reduced investment expectations." Li Binhong said that speculators are worried that the future purchase of CN domain groups because of complicated procedures, procedures for the transfer of the fork under the more hesitant, and they also give the hands of hundreds of thousands of domain names to re pay data, there is a big workload.

website for the first time in 4 years down

According to Li Binhong

, the implementation of real name registration system, make some policy to "edge ball" and the publication of illegal information website have been closed, and the two groups with different original >