WeChat circle of friends into the store after the store selling layers of resale


WeChat circle of friends twisted business chain: the company into a store selling layers of layers of resale

is not only a friend, but also a businessman, which is in the circle of friends to sell goods, micro business group of dual identity. In the "Mobile Phone Intercom", WeChat imperceptibly become another Taobao, almost "zero risk" started to Wenzhuan overbearing and strong incoming. The number of micro business groups is also due to the high turnover rate of the circle of friends selling goods, low cost and convenience and become increasingly large. A private space for friends, but as a business layers increases, many people expect with the WeChat platform "white" in the distorted business chain, full of uncertainty.

population rapidly expanded

micro business circle of friends

what is the micro business in the circle of friends in the sale of goods in the WeChat business acquaintances do so called themselves. Some are from the micro manufacturers such as Taobao and other platform migration, or a "branch" in WeChat, some are "homegrown" WeChat stores.

GUCCI package, foreign counter genuine love, a micro I ~ "a simple description, with products ranging from 1-9 Zhang detail, released similar information in the lady’s circle of friends of friends are four, she knows in real life friends. According to Ms. Wen, her four friends, an average of per person per day to update 7-9 information, mainly sports shoes, UGG, big cosmetics, luxury goods.


is different from the seller listed commodity price tag, size, color, quantity, distribution, sales, score, merchandise information, transaction records and other information disclosed multiple illustrations, each circle of friends to promote information only simple text with pictures, opaque price, do not display sales, nor any of commodity information feedback. The transaction is the first payment after delivery, most directly hit the bank card transaction sellers, some sellers will take into account the feelings of consumers through Alipay trading platform. Although everything looks very unreliable, but according to Ms. Wen said that the circle of friends to help her four friends earn a monthly pocket money, including a monthly sales of over 10000 yuan.

, according to Ms. Wen’s friend Chen Xiaoxin introduced, before the circle of friends she never opened the shop, zero experience, but she was successful in the circle of business". Chen Xiaoxin said that she was to see his friends released "agent" information into the circle to sell something. An agent of a friend’s information is very attractive to her – to do the agency is very simple: do not need to rent the store, a lot of pressure, as long as the WeChat, micro-blog, QQ space and other pictures and simple text can be. Do not sell no loss, slowly expand popularity more prosperous business circle of friends, the better, the monthly income of 10000 yuan is very easy.

Chen Xiaoxin said that she is a two agent, an agent to send all the information to her, and then she forwarded to earn the difference. Chen Xiaoxin >