Buy war over the past 5 years of wind and rain, BAT after joining the layout of how to buy it

Abstract: from the 2010 war group purchase has been in the past 5 years of wind and rain, but also from the capital market group purchase bubble return to calm, are involved in the final BAT, now BAT in each

group purchase layout how?


from 2010 to buy the war has been 5 years of wind and rain, but also to buy the market from the return of the capital bubble to calm, and ultimately BAT also joined them, so now BAT each in the layout of how to buy it?

, Baidu, glutinous rice to find good Godfather

for Baidu, in the early days of the war and did not participate in group purchase, which belongs to the sidelines, and in 2012 Robin Li officially confirmed Baidu comprehensive transformation of mobile Internet Co after the capital movement began to accelerate, the first is the establishment of Baidu LBS division, an O2O, Baidu in 2013 to invest $160 million in rice. Since January 2014 Baidu wholly acquired rice, completed a new round of capital layout.

for Baidu, which is a strategic investment and the relationship is not a simple group purchase, but the close relations of cooperation, Baidu will be the most important products of the two’s, Baidu maps and Baidu mobile phone with the combination of cable when the user related services in Baidu maps and mobile phone Baidu search, Baidu will be the user with the next line services through Baidu Nuomi connected. Baidu in the true connection between man and service sectors, and the glutinous rice is an important ring, so Baidu Nuomi in the interior also received great support, Baidu map market share occupy the absolute position 65.2%, on request up to 10 billion times, Baidu search occupy the mobile market share 78%, Japan export WEB flow reached 1 billion level, which provides a good flow of blood supply for rice.

in the recent Baidu stake in the stellar group, which also shows the Baidu online O2O layout there will be further action, will also form a huge support of glutinous rice.

Before the

glutinous rice network due to its, although flow but no strong ability to integrate resources, and over the past few years also more and more downhill, not very good blood transfusion on glutinous rice when the rice network group purchase, be integrated into Baidu’s after recently revived, glutinous rice just just over five years, compared to the network and Wowo handle network performance and weak listed trapped, glutinous rice nets is ushered in the new mobile terminal.

So it is important to choose the godfather


two, Ali, and the U.S. relationship is uncertain

‘s very important, but also to see how the godfather. The relationship between Ali and beauty group net is more subtle, Ali in the group purchase strategy seems to diverge, the U.S. group son let its development, and the development of the U.S. group is also good, but even if the United States has occupied the market share of the first group purchase, Ali to the United States does not have any significant help in the integration >.