Metersbonwe 2 million 300 thousand to buy the domain name just passable again

April 2nd news: Metersbonwe spent a total of 2 million 300 thousand days ago to buy "state purchase" Pinyin domain name and creative domain name, according to the domain name transaction intermediary, domain name transaction price of 1 million 400 thousand yuan, the transaction price of 900 thousand yuan

When Metersbonwe

into e-commerce, creative "state purchase" this name, and with registered domain name, on the line after being questioned the majority of Internet users, that creative brand also used Bangwei bad domain name, too long is too vague, and symbols are not easy to remember. After Metersbonwe bought the domain name to replace the previous "Biandan domain", is being questioned again, generally considered the domain name change is not easy to memory, not just "ready" brand is not reflected, even the "state purchase" are not perfect, is not in line with people’s habits.


Metersbonwe’s takeover of the two domain names, in addition to the "state purchase" Pinyin domain name, is a continuation of the style of buy creative domain name, and’s own brand Bangwei phonetic domain still loss folk, the industry believes that the two names mean strong satisfactory, starting from the traditional industry force electricity supplier point of view, the basic it is on the two "Tuition" domain name, which is not conducive to the site spread, nor the use of brand protection. There are user comments on micro-blog: Metersbonwe domain name change, a few people remember.

at present, the domestic electricity supplier industry to purchase electricity supplier brand domain name many attempts, such as Su Ningyi buy back to and two to replace the previous creative domain name domain name, Jingdong mall to spend huge sums of money to win, Amoy shoes network after 2 years of negotiations with Amoy shoes Pinyin domain name, visible business industry consumes heart the force was scored, the brand is the Pinyin domain name, but not the streets are full of creative domain.

ironically at the same time, use the creative domain launched bin purchase electricity supplier Haier released micro-blog said, the domain name has become the focus of online shopping users really tangled, and seek the views of users in micro-blog, consider the "bean purchase" Pinyin domain name.