Happy net parent company to price exposure at a price of 1 billion 85 million yuan

[TechWeb] October 17th news reports, the race for the intelligent announcement that the company intends to 1 billion 85 million yuan on the price, with through the issuance of shares and cash to the purchase of Xinyu, Zhou Bin, Cheng Binghao, north shore, Gyalo investment, investment, Jia Zhi Fu Peng Hong Xiang hold happy people information 100% equity, while raising matching funds 540 million yuan, for consideration, the subject of the company IP authorized the use of cash and game development projects. Happy person it’s main business is a happy net.


Zhou Bin, the north shore of Xinyu as a result of commitment to the party, the commitment to happy people 2016~2019 net profit after deduction of non net profit of not less than 73 million yuan, respectively, $93 million, $116 million and $141 million.

founder Cheng Binghao holds 12.18% stake in happy people, the transaction of this part of the equity consideration of $119 million. After the completion of the transaction, Cheng Binghao won the race for the smart 5 million 432 thousand and 600 shares and $47 million 410 thousand in cash.

2008, happy net has independently developed the "operation", "parking dispute," friend buying and selling "happy farm", "happy city" and other social games, these games rely on tens of millions of happy net ever had peak day landing number. But these games can not continue to inject vitality, with the advent of the mobile Internet, happy network began a difficult transition path.

data from the performance of happy people, the current main business has been transformed into mobile online games, social networking platform revenue accounted for a very rapid decline. The first eight months of this year, happy people operating income of $117 million, social networking platform revenue of only $15 million 120 thousand, accounting for only about 13%, while the rest are mobile online game revenue. In 2014~2015, the social networking platform revenue accounted for 39%, respectively, 23%.

said the acquisition of the race for the intelligent, happy person information is intended to extend to the Internet culture and entertainment sector, based on the original wisdom city construction and operation of the business sector, into the online game business, build smart city ecosystem services more perfect. (Ming Yu)