The 300 thousand started, 18 years to achieve 30 billion market capitalization, angel investment, zh

Abstract: 1 million yuan, by the end of 2006, pig eight quit network founder Zhu Mingyue in the office of Xiong Xinxiang, said he wanted to get angel investment amount. "I’ll give you 5 million dollars." Xiong Xinxiang said.

when I was 40 years old, to earn 10 billion, and then put the horse Nanshan, the last century in 90s, Chengdu University of Electronic Science and Technology University Students in reading Xiong Xinxiang, set a goal for himself.

, a prominent, poor and blank penniless, such rhetoric at the time it is to tell some fantastic tales.

as the plot of the movie drama turning, so a look endless dream, Xiong Xinxiang not only, but also beyond the enterprise assets from the creation of 300 thousand yuan at the beginning, up to the present market value of more than 30 billion.


There are plenty of people who dream, dream dream and down-to-earth There are plenty of people who, however, is less and less. But to dream and success, but less and less.

"heartless world, to all things impartially, often put the words in the mouth of Xiong Xinxiang, what is your dream, landing


bear interview with

put down a secure job into the sea


"I’m sorry, I interrupt."


December 28, 2015, Brian Group Chairman Xiong Xinxiang the office door was struck from time to time.

this afternoon, as one of the new Chongqing ten business, Xinxiang bear is a media interview, had several times to get up to go to the office.

however, whether rashly break in employees, or a reporter "difficult" problems, do not interrupt the bear Xinxiang smile.

young when entering the sea, he only carries the dream of fighting thinking.

nearly 20 years of ups and downs of business, he slowly know that there are road.

Lao Tzu said, "with the good man, The ways of heaven are impartial., in fact, the business also." His eyes grew moist.

back to 18 years ago, when Xiong Xinxiang was faced with the realistic choice of treatment and stable business from scratch.

"I’m going to start a business." Xiong Xinxiang told his wife. This is his third year in Chongqing.

at that time, the bear is Xinxiang a state-owned enterprise engaged in technical work, stable treatment. Previously, he experienced chairman, holding "a secure job" Panzhihua employees and a factory in Shenzhen as assistant director of the three stages of students across the University influential man.

this is a person who likes to toss about. "I just want to do my own thing"