Outbound medical tourism hot domestic market development is still at the beginning

go to Switzerland to do anti-aging convalescence, go to Japan for medical examination, go to Korea to do plastic surgery…… The dual demand for tourism and health has created a new form of Tourism: medical tourism.

medical tourism is becoming popular. Online travel service Ctrip Travel Company released days before the "2016 Online Medical Tourism Report" shows that in 2016 through the platform to enroll in the overseas medical tourism number is 5 times a year, is expected to exit the medical tourism China more than 500 thousand visitors. At present, China is still the country of medical tourism, the domestic medical tourism market is still in its infancy.

"travel with therapy" and "swim with the treatment"

World Tourism Organization defines medical tourism as the main service of medical care, disease and health, rehabilitation and training. Liu Simin, vice president of the China Association for the future of tourism research, medical tourism in the country already exists. Leave the resident to go sightseeing, vacation, visiting friends and relatives, doctor are included in the tourism area, go to the doctor also is one kind of medical tourism city.

CYTS travel network CEO Xu Xiaolei told the "worker’s Daily" reporter, currently on the market of medical tourism can be divided into three categories: one is the vacation travel, to relax, to recuperate through diet, such as hot springs to the south of france. Two medical beauty, plastic, for example, to South Korea, Japan do plastic surgery. The three is to treat diseases, such as using equipment abroad or surgical treatment Difficult miscellaneous diseases. At present, CYTS travel network medical tourism products before the two majority, mainly to swim with treatment".

global healthcare resources market allocation

according to reports, the exit of medical tourism is a high-end tourism, product form to customize the main tourism. Ctrip’s medical tourism orders per capita cost of more than 50 thousand yuan in 2016, China’s outbound tourism per capita cost of about 10 times. On a travel site, a Japanese Osaka Medical Center anti-cancer screening tourism product price 56000 yuan, a Swiss medical center living cells and wellness tourism products price is 300 thousand yuan.

medical tourism so high prices, it is destined to be in the line of sight of high-income groups. "The price is too high, not ordinary people can enjoy." Xiao Yin is a senior tour pal, keen to "QiongYou" way to travel abroad, he said he will not consider this expensive way to travel.

Xu Xiaolei also said: after the rise of the middle class demand, the market will develop such products." Liu Simin believes that the medical resources is a kind of market resources, information symmetry of the Internet society make people understand that even leading medical technology which countries, consumption of people will naturally seek the best medical service.

as a service product, comparative advantage is to attract people to buy this product." Liu Simin said that Chinese people are keen on overseas medical tourism, the description >