The forum moderator does not delete posts yellow anti KuangDing Suining forum is processed

is known as "Suining’s most influential portal website" Suining network forum, individual users issued a "yellow tie", which not only the moderator to delete, but irrigation thread, the Yellow posts in the forum hung for more than a year…… The day before, Suining police to shut down the "yellow forum".

"there are a lot of obscene posts in Suining network forum, content is not fit to be seen……" 15 days, Suining netizen "Yo steel" call to the newspaper news hotline to reflect their own online to see the scene. According to the user’s login URL "Suining net", type the Network Forum – "Sichuan Suining beautiful handsome production happy local life forum" and "sexual paradise", which many posts "very strange and eccentric, vulgar. A network called "Suining * sideshow" netizen, made 3 consecutive "yellow tie", the content of the post is extremely vulgar, some details are obscene.

let "Yo steel dissatisfied is that some posts in the forum Huang hung for a long time, and the moderator not only removed, but irrigation thread," I saw this version of master dizzy." The reporter saw, the 3 "yellow tie" is issued, many users thread about the vulgar topic immediately.

at 8:16 on August 19, 2007, a moderator in the "yellow tie" behind gentie irrigation. "Have fun with the citizens", attracted netizens moderator a burst of excitement, we then went on to talk about the topic of.

on the morning of 16, Suining City Public Security Bureau Network Monitoring detachment Li Xiong immediately after receiving the report users, arrange the network to monitor the police investigation, found that the site does exist obscene, pornographic text information. Immediately, the police network through technical means of the site at the same time shielding, contact the site responsible for investigation.

through the day of technical investigation, police also found another 2 sites involving obscene, pornographic forums and closed. At present, the investigation and treatment is still in progress.