Alibaba Zhang Yong back to the countryside, how to make business easier

introduction: now the whole village Recruitment Partner Ali Amoy is a ratio of more than a few dozen, Ali see these young people’s potential, so the Alibaba to let them return to the most familiar hometown of entrepreneurship.


now, the proportion of the entire recruitment of our village Amoy partner is a few dozen, we see the potential of these young people, so Alibaba to let them go back to the most familiar hometown to venture." Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong in 8 at the second China county e-commerce summit.

May 2015, the Alibaba of Taobao group launched the rural "2" mode, the partner from the non professional canteen, became a professional "rural Taobao partner", Alibaba plans to develop 100 thousand partners in the future. According to statistics, in May 2015, the national rural Taobao partner has 20 monthly income of more than 5000 yuan, the highest monthly income of up to $16 thousand.

although Alibaba after 16 years of efforts, has accumulated some experience, but the situation is not the same in each county village. So to serve so many consumers, so many village points is a challenge.

in Zhang Yong’s view, the development of county economy, the county must develop local characteristics of the economy. County Economy in the development of the country, must not be a model, some counties are good at agriculture, some counties are good at tourism. So how Alibaba with local government cooperation, to set up the stage, so that we can serve the customers, this is what we are doing now."

rural consumption is huge, Zhang Yong took June 18th years to promote for example, orders from the village of Amoy has reached hundreds of thousands of single, it is through the village to help you partner in various parts of the completion of the purchase. It was also asked, the village people to buy what he said, the day sold tens of thousands of appliances, including 4 sets of curved surface of 65 inch TV, which is the most fresh products on the market.

in addition to the product, rural lifestyle is changing. A house, a lot of material from the Internet, there is a very shocking example, also sold a pavilion.

even, the county government management, city management, are in the relationship with e-commerce. Alibaba found a place suddenly bought 5000 trash cans, in fact, the government in the procurement, replacement trash. In fact, this kind of efficiency savings and cost savings is obviously, the Internet is affecting the county economy in all aspects, not only is selling things to the countryside, but affects all aspects of rural life.

e-commerce in rural areas to help clear. 2014 national billion yuan Taobao county more than 300, in 25 provinces, one billion yuan of Taobao county from the Midwest to more than 100, while the national poverty counties become billion yuan Taobao county was 21, for example Sichuan Pixian, Shaanxi Hunan, Guiyang Wugong, Henan Lankao, Guizhou.