The cloud business model spawned cross-border integration to UnionPay pushing consumer credit

speed Suning cooperation with China UnionPay speed, perhaps from a low-key meeting can also be discerned. As early as the end of last year, Chellona UnionPay Co chairman of Suning and Su ningyun Group Chairman Zhang Jindong met, speculation on both the depth of cooperation to reach a consensus. Su Ning told reporters recently broke the news, the next line of Suning stores and in June will be the 2013 year effort to join UnionPay card friends festival.

cross-border cooperation urgent demand

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cards friends Festival this opportunity, for the first time to carry out cross-border cooperation with China UnionPay, the two sides will the greatest efforts to integrate the advantages of resources, to bring benefits to consumers. During the festival, Suning key stores in the country launched a hundred cup special models, while limiting the launch of the HTC ONE represented a variety of cup enjoy models, Pratt & Whitney, the majority of the beginning of 62 UnionPay card consumers. At the same time, will also pay for online consumers through UnionPay major efforts to expand the audience goods fanquan activity.

Su Ning said in an interview, China UnionPay’s professional background and strength based on cooperation with China UnionPay to more extensive coverage of consumer groups, to bring greater benefit to more consumers.

it is understood that from the beginning of 2005, Suning has teamed up with the construction, industry and commerce, investment bank, Bank of China and other banks to carry out various types of promotional activities. And the direct cooperation with the cup, is a breakthrough in the 8 years after the accumulation of Suning financial services experience once again cross-border cooperation.

according to statistics, as of the end of 2012, the national bank card issued a total of 3 billion 534 million, which means that the consumer has the ability to hold at least one card per user at least three. Suning actively cooperate with China UnionPay and major banks to promote the bank card settlement in the home appliance retail terminal market. The two sides will increase cooperation on the basis of the traditional bank card, to carry out a number of cooperation based on the results of the union innovation business, promote innovation and enhance the service level of the retail industry.

cloud business model highlights the advantages of

industry insiders said, Suning as a leader in Chinese commercial enterprises, China UnionPay is also the largest domestic financial institutions credit card marketing, the cooperation of Su ningyun and China Union, created a new model of UnionPay card and retail enterprise cooperation.

earlier this year, Suning proposed cloud provider model, which is based on cloud technologies, the integration of Suning, Suning launched the background fusion line, service industry, service customers "stores + + retail service providers" mode, at the same time, Suning online and offline in actively promote the business model of cloud landing. The cross-border cooperation with the cup is an important manifestation of the cloud business model to promote landing. June 1st -9 on the day of Valentine’s day, Suning teamed up to launch consumer preference activities, brush UnionPay card consumers will participate in a hundred special machines, credit card enjoy machine activities. Suning joint union launched the cross-border