Gome mall will be renamed the future is still independent and Kuba operation

in the electricity supplier price war died down, another news, Gome (micro-blog) in September will be the re integration of business, the establishment of the new company’s integration of Kuba and Gome online mall, or to merge.

then Tencent technology Gome (micro-blog) general manager Han Depeng revealed to the online mall, the Tencent of science and technology, will be announced in early September Gome’s new brand name, the category will no longer increase, highlighting the "electrical" two words, the levy work has ended. For the establishment of a new electricity supplier companies, the merger of the two sites, Han Depeng also said that there is no plan, the future of the two companies will operate independently.

The person in charge of Tencent technology exclusively revealed

otherwise with lack of knowledge. Gome online business integration from March has already begun, at about 5, June to complete the relevant work of the docking kuba.

but the source stressed that before and now docking with the Kuba supply chain, logistics and IT platform is the United States Jietuan, rather than Gome online mall. Therefore, from this logic, and the future of Kuba Gome online mall also will separate operation, not with. If you want to merge it will also be a new round of docking, short time is difficult to complete.

it is reported that the United States in the first half of the United States has set up an online business company, Mou Guixian, senior vice president of Gome as chairman of Gome online. The United States and the unified management of all online business online business, including Gome online mall and kuba.

United States official also confirmed to the Tencent science and technology, and did not set up the planning of electricity supplier companies, but also did not merge the two companies plan, the future will be dual brand electricity supplier operations.

it is understood that this year in May 23rd to 12 million yuan of the purchase price of coo8 remaining 20% stake, the latter is completely under the nationalization. The announcement also shows that the United States in the comprehensive controlling Kuba, and to Wong Kwong Yu, Gome sharp dynamic transfer 40% stake, the formation of Gome Electrical Appliances Holding 60%, Gome sharp move holding 40% of the pattern.


is named after the United States own platform "Gome mall" is the new U.S. company, previously by Gome investment 50 million yuan founded and 100% stake, but after this time after the share transfer, the shareholding ratio of Gome declined to 60%, Gome sharp move will hold the remaining 40% of the equity, equity structure and Kuba the same.

it is understood that Gome and its parent company had agreed that each other can not be in the other countries to the United States trademark business related products retail business in any form of retail business. In this regard, there are people familiar with the matter said that the electricity supplier business in the country to carry out a large scale, such an agreement will bring a lot of inconvenience, and thus seriously affect the customer experience. By means of joint venture, Wong Kwong Yu has agreed to stay after the completion of the acquisition, awarded Kuba / new beauty "non competition clause" immunity, and give a non exclusive "Gome" trademark licensing, the move was also.