2009 annual meeting of the nternet in Hubei, held in Wuhan in December 6th

webmaster network December 6th news, 2009 Hubei Internet webmaster annual meeting held at Huazhong Normal University in Wuhan, the conference hosted by the Hubei network alliance, Youshi mobile, Admin5 station network, global Movie Network Co.

at the annual meeting from Wuhan Dudu game network Chen Yiguang, Dong Qinfeng, global laggards movie network where to network elite share station experience sharing and web service features, from the provinces and Hubei local station guests discussed industry website development, website promotion long grassroots station, 3G and mobile Internet application etc. the topic of discussion, the local webmaster in website localization, website how to promote cooperation have guiding significance.

this year will be unprecedented in Hubei province is the webmaster community party, Hubei province conference attracted more than 400 owners, even went to the venue All seats are occupied., are full participants of the stationmaster people, this is not seen in the previous owners of the general assembly, Hubei Province, enough to witness the webmaster to site development desire and on the Internet full of enthusiasm and dedication.

2009 Hubei Internet webmaster annual meeting theme is self-discipline, joint endeavor, year will focus on communication and service, and the local grassroots public coalition discipline regulate the development of the Hubei Internet website operation promotion strategy, promotes the development of Internet in Hubei province.


Wuhan doodle game network Chen Yiguang


to participate in the general assembly


no table sitting in front of the guests on the floor of the webmaster


round table discussion


after the photo