Bertelsmann Web2.0 return electricity customer management

every reporter Luo Lun from Shanghai

"you know Bertelsmann Chinese?" this question if before 2008, many people will answer: "you know, I was a member of the Bertelsmann book club."

, however, today, people might answer this question will be asked: "not long out of the Bertelsmann Chinese


yes, 2008 is a limit. In 1995, the Bertelsmann book club to the mode of starting Chinese, book club members once reached 1 million 500 thousand people. However, in the cultivation of 13 years after the market, Bertelsmann book club Chinese announced the closure of stores and.


, the story about Bertelsmann is divided into two different versions. The first version is to book club curtain as a symbol, Bertelsmann "defeated" Chinese, then disappear; another version is that Bertelsmann has not left Chinese, also strategic resources integration in some departments, and try new business.

version of the story of the outside world rarely know. As the Bertelsmann group in Chinese only is one of the main business of global e-commerce and customer relationship management company Arvato systems China CEO Hu Jianfan told the "daily economic news" said that Bertelsmann has not left China, just a game".

for multinational enterprises in China to effectively "localization", Hu Jianfan also have their own views.

is the first to comply with policy, second is the support of talent." Hu Jianfan said.

in China "stage a comeback"

170 years of history is enough to make the company proud. And Bertelsmann carried out successfully in the global experience, as a member of tailored books and to promote the book marketing book club, has 40 million users worldwide. Sensitive topics planning capabilities, rich experience in publishing, as well as mature capital operation, the company has brought the annual income of over 10 billion euros. The Autobiography of Clinton, Bertelsmann will pay $10 million — the amount of the transaction may be one of the top U.S. copyright trade publishing history column.

for the majority of the Chinese consumers, let them find their own Bertelsmann book catalogues from the mailbox, the first time in addition, with the catalog come according to the characteristics of user consumption unique content — this is not in the Xinhua Bookstore and the "two channel" of the book offbeat direct model.

however, even so, Bertelsmann in China without success. The ambitious German company, in China, almost suffered a multinational companies in emerging markets can encounter all the problems. In June 13, 2008, Bertelsmann announced the closure of 38 in twenty-first Century in the national chain bookstore. And its responsible for the club and BOL business group directly in a >