AB and EAA release new network advertising size standards

    the current online advertising of a wide range of sizes, DoubleClick  the recent incredibly out there are 10 thousand different types of advertising and sizes are online use. This allows advertisers in terms of price, performance is difficult to choose, directly affect their investment in online advertising.    


        the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and the European Interactive Advertising Association (EIAA) recently released a tool box with six Internet advertising format, hope that the network media as the standard, so that the media planners work easier to carry out, push into online advertising sales.  


        in these 6 formats, in addition to the 4 "universal ad package" in the format of last year’s release of the IAB: 160X600,   300X250,   180X150 and 728X90, also includes the latest 468×60  and 120X600 (Qing Tianzhu) 2.  


        IAB president said that this is another watershed in the development of Internet commerce. The 6 dimension will be the core of the entire European market site advertising format, advertisers can use these sizes across the European network media access, and in the past it is impossible to do.  


        IAB said in July that the online advertising industry from some old and outdated advertising format. But this proposal was opposed to some network media, because abandoned some of the smaller and more portable format still have their place, especially in a large number of users are still using narrowband Internet circumstances, too strictly limit the size of "standard" will stifle innovation and flexible.  


        therefore, compared to the "universal ad package released" the tool box IAB and EIAA and the launch of a compromise effect – both to cut their advertising in industry standard number, size, and not let the Internet advertising media are opposed to too high.