Do not just open the electricity supplier Taobao into Tmall

in recent years, the topic of "electronic commerce" do not know how many times and how many people talked about the meeting, do not know how many websites become popular vocabulary, a variety of professional derived from "business" and not professional terminology is emerge in an endless stream. However, up to now, there are still a lot of people, from the past to the present has been that the electricity supplier is to open a Taobao shop. A lot of people will say, "you don’t know now how many Taobao stores, Tmall mall is good enough, their monthly income of 100 thousand, they are the typical business success". But in fact, open Taobao into Tmall is just a specific behavior of the electricity supplier, rather than do electricity supplier must be open Taobao into Tmall. Otherwise, if the electricity supplier can be replaced by Taobao Tmall, Amazon, why China Newegg, Dangdang, Jingdong can have their own electricity supplier brand and status, why will be short listed, the most fundamental reason is that the electricity supplier in this market can not be a single large, there are always different people segmentation of their own cake. So do electricity providers, whether it has been done for a long time veteran or novice just started, you should understand what the electricity supplier can do and what to pay attention to.

first, in addition to Taobao, Jingdong, shop No. 1, Suning, Amazon is also a promising business platform, micro-blog and even WeChat platform can promote the electricity supplier, not only in the Taobao Tmall this tree. The electronic commerce Taobao and Tmall can not represent the whole Chinese, and can only be said to be the leader China of electronic commerce, in addition to Taobao Tmall will have many powerful business platform have been rising, this one from the Jingdong do all the way up to the present, the Tencent has not give up electricity, from the recent listing of it was enough to prove that the development of the electricity supplier, will show a different trend, especially the vertical electric field exists in the big opportunity, because the product platform is not like vertical areas such as professional, potential vertical electricity supplier will be greater.

secondly, Taobao’s electronic business platform, although many advantages, but can not be too limited to this platform. E-commerce is not just the online shop this transaction, but also very critical marketing links. Just imagine, even if a commodity platform again good advantage, if the marketing approach is not appropriate, marketing thinking is too limited, will affect the promotion of electricity supplier brands. Because Taobao Tmall this platform has its own inherent model, its marketing ideas will therefore be limited, so marketing thinking can not be limited to Taobao Tmall.

At the same time, Taobao Tmall

, this platform has exposed some problems, we need to do more business. Don’t think of their relatives and friends opened a store in which place, you can not have to worry about the problem of supply to the Taobao Tmall store sleep without any anxiety. You know some categories of goods now in Taobao Tmall has been relatively saturated, such as men’s and women’s wear, shoes. These relatively saturated goods unless you can find a unique and a certain cost of supply, but also must be creative, or for a newly emerging Taobao sellers, want to play