A new battlefield fake fake cross-border Ali original warehousing inspection supervision will lead

Abstract: hand chop party from Tmall international to buy the goods, in addition to the original Ali and has five years of practicing the "mysterious sampling", there will be a "advance overseas pre", a "domestic warehousing".

2016 11, Alibaba and cross-border e-commerce product quality and safety risk state monitoring center (hereinafter referred to as the national monitoring center) to achieve cooperation, launched a pilot warehousing inspection". The goods shelves by cross-border supervision and sampling plan to advance to the warehousing link, inferior goods will directly can not release the shelves, serious cases will be returned to the warehouse.

after several months of operation, Zhejiang Province Academy of science and technology for a total of 83 batches of goods by sampling, intercept unqualified Eye Massager Massage instrument and 2278 pieces of goods, the value of 5 million 842 thousand.

according to the Alibaba platform management department to understand, with the increasing prevalence of globalization, the globalization of the proliferation of fakes is increasingly common. With the domestic production of overseas sales is different, foreign production, domestic sales has become a new trend of cross-border fakes. However, due to various transnational counterfeiting clues to the national laws and regulations and the problem of joint push without the door, can not cure the source has become the bane of cross-border counterfeiting.


product management center responsible person Rong Song told reporters that the cross-border commodity circulation channel often perplexing, can be imagined as a neural network, each sales platform is a network of nerve endings, the quality control of links to front, was cut off from the source of inflows, in the platform of quality control in goods 42 pounds the role of the Tmall International’s "warehousing inspection" is an exploratory attempt.

in addition to the "warehousing inspection", Tmall international and national monitoring center is also exploring the goods before the shipment of the "overseas pre" mechanism. This also means that the hand chop party from Tmall international to buy the goods, in addition to the original Ali and has five years of practicing the "mysterious sampling", there will be a "advance overseas pre", a "domestic warehousing". With open sides information, in addition to the Tmall international traceability information display in the country of origin, country of origin, mode of transport, warehouse information, customs declaration number, inspection number and other details, will also gradually expand to the origin of supply chain even the production side, and provide to the page, search page, two-dimensional code and other touch up to the consumers.

Taobao in the world to buy the market, in addition to restrictions on access to businesses, product quality assessment will also have a series of new initiatives to upgrade. At present, the Alibaba also has been trying to advance to the release of goods goods qualification process, submit goods declaration, shopping vouchers and other materials in the first release of commodity businesses, through the second audit commodity can be published on-line. By looking at the edge of the application of new technologies to buy, consumers can simultaneously see businesses from overseas procurement to the entire process of shipping. Aiming at the difficult problem of cross-border logistics tracking, overseas direct mail merchandise will through the establishment of cooperation with ALI international shipping logistics company future, and through data docking, so that goods from overseas to domestic circulation throughout the visible path.